Oil & Gas Data Analysis Expert

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Job Description:

  • Oilfield Services Marketing and Technical Engineering Role with MSc | MBA | PhD (Either of one besides pure technical background)
  • Digital Oilfield, Automation, Data Analysis, Reservoir Engineering Software’s, PTA, System Analysis, RE Simulation Expert who has progressed into Business Development Level.
  • Oilfield Services Background with E&P Experience.
  • Excellent Communication, Highly Organized, International Mindset.
  • This Job will be based in Islamabad.
  • Please without this you are requested not to apply at this, we although will post for several positions for those working in other industries or not meeting required educational/work still set.

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • At least 7-10 years of Oilfield Services Marketing and few years spent working with/for Major IOC overseas.
  • Incumbent must be expert with Kappa, Petex, RE Simulation, Forecasting, Economics, Reserves, Petrophysics, Surface Facilities, Log Analysis and all related RE Software experts are required.
  • Superior Consultancy Skills.
  • Expert with Reservoir Engineering Complex Analysis, Unconventional or EOR experience highly desired.
  • Foreign Experience in both studying and working.
  • PMP or MBA instead of MSc.
  • Memberships and Certifications Maintained.

To apply for this job please visit aoaes.com.